Magnetic Base Safety Screens for Lathes

While not designed specifically as lathe travelling guards, the following magnetic base screens are sometimes used on low risk machines for light turning work with advantage. A risk assessment taking usage of these screens into account should be completed before use of the screens and it is the purchaser’s responsibility to determine suitability for their application.

Loc – Line Magnetic Base Screen, Quick-Set No 60527

A convenient reasonably priced screen with polycarbonate clear screen 190mm x 305mm on a flexible Loc – Line support with a simple magnetic base.


Loc-Line Quick-Set


Tecno Model PBM 30 / 440 Magnetic Base Screen.

This screen is the smallest of three sizes available and consists of a permanent magnet base with cam release lever, an articulated arm for positioning (with locks) and a clear polycarbonate screen.   This small screen is sometimes used on lathes for the protection of the operator from flying chips by clamping to a suitable face on the saddle or apron.


PBM 30-440 Magnetic Base Screen with Details






Maximum extended length of support arm

PBM 30 / 440





NOTE:  Larger models available – refer to Miscellaneous Products Section of this website.


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