Knuffi Protective Bumper Guards

Knuffi Protective Bumper Guards

Knuffi Bumper Guards protect valuable assets, equipment and people from costly damage, injury or hard impacts. Increasing safety from all angles, this durable foam fixture features a patented and cutting-edge design. Able to be adapted to fit almost every component, these bumper guards are perfect for corner and wall protection.

Advantages of Knuffi

  • Hazard warning and protection 
  • Minimisation of staff absence 
  • Reduction of damage-related costs 
  • Inside and outside usage 
  • Individual lengths up to 50m 
  • Robust and hard-wearing

Available in 6 profiles and 8 colors, Surface Guards can be installed four ways: with adhesive strips, powerful magnets, removable adhesive or using our easy wall- mounting kit. 

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Warning and Protective Bumper Guards

Colours Available

Red and white knuffi

Red and White Reflective

Yellow and Black

Red and White

knuffi yellow and black reflective

Yellow and Black Reflective

knuffi black guard


knuffi daylight fluorescent

Daylight Fluorescent

knuffi white guard


knuffi glow in the dark

Glow in the Dark


Knuffi protective warning bumper guards are made to absorb even the hardest knocks and blows. Their black and yellow marking also acts as a hazard warning of sharp edges, protruding ledges and obstacles.

The Wall Protection Kit has a stainless steel backing and can therefore be screwed onto various surfaces, making it very versatile. Another advantage is that the profile can be replaced if necessary without having to unscrew the stainless steel back. What is more, the whole assembly can be dismounted and used elsewhere.

Adhesive: modified acrylic adhesive resistant to light and ageing on all types except B and BB

Bonding strength: 21 N/25 mm

Temperature resistance: between -40 °C and +100 °C

Fire test: DIN 4102 B2, UL 94 HB/10 mm

Standard lengths: 1 m, 5 m, up to 50 lm (boxed)

knuffi protective profiles

Get In Touch

How can I cut Knuffi to size?

Knuffi’s user friendly profiles can easily be cut to size with e.g. a Stanley knife or a small iron saw.

Are Knuffi® products suitable for<br /> indoor and outdoor use?

Knuffi is versatile for use both indoors and outdoors and performs well from-40 C° to 100 C°.

Is Knuffi UV resistant?

Knuffi are versatile for outdoor use. Only profiles of white colour and glow in the dark are not UV resistant.

How to install Knuffi?

The peel-off adhesive strip makes it easy to install. Simply adhere to a clean, dry and grease-free surface. If necessary use out of the shelf cleaning solvent or similar.

Are Knuffi prone to colour deterioration?

Knuffi are manufactured using a patented method, which prevents color deterioration and guarantees long life under toughest operating conditions.

What kind of adhesive comes with Knuffi®?

Almost all types of Knuffi come with ahigh performance adhesive tape with a bonding strength of 21N/25mm.

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