SafeInd Category 4 Safety Control Box

The SafeInd Category 4 Control box is designed to make compliance with the requirements of Category 4 Interlock electrical circuitry a relatively easy and routine installation for competent and qualified industrial electricians.   For information regarding the need or otherwise for Category 4 Compliance in order to comply with AS4024.1-2006, please refer to our additional technical notes by pressing HERE.

In laymans terms, the SafeInd standard Cat 4 Safety Control box is designed to be installed upstream of a machines control system and comes complete with a circuit breaker, transformer, monitoring dual circuit relay and two contactors suitable for 11Kw machine motors and DIN Rail Mounted connection terminals .   The box is supplied with wiring connection diagram.   Please discuss with us braking system interfacing, especially for some popular UK built machines.

We recommended for all lathes with a motor size of  over 3.7Kw.  Determination of requirement based upon risk assessment and known incident history for lathes.

SafeInd Category 4 Box Closed

SafeInd Category 4 Control Box Open