Cleervue Model L12/L12E Lathe Chuck Guard

This is a rear pivot fabricated steel guard with polycarbonate windows designed for use on lathes with chuck sizes up to 300mm diameter.    Its simple L shape allows positioning of the rear pivot shaft and mounting either vertically or towards or away from the front of the lathe headstock to suit the size of the chuck.   Available with or without an interlock micro switch but generally supplied in Australia and NZ with a 2NC micro switch. Guard has adjustable stops to enable radial positioning in the closed position and the mounting bracket has fixing holes for either vertical or horizontal screw fixing.   This guard has a semi flexible skirt designed to contain coolant and a simple knob to be used when opening.


Cleervue L12 Lathe Chuck Guard



Approx Max Chuck Diameter


Top length

Front length


Up to 300mm





Cleervue L12 Lathe Chuck Guard

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