Cleervue SL travelling safety guard

The Cleervue SL Series of travelling guards attach to the rear of the lathe cross slide and therefore travel across the axis of the lathe as well as longitudinally together with the toolpost. The guard has both vertical and horizontal position adjustment so that it can be positioned to the operators side of the toolpost thus protecting the operator from flying hot chips and deflecting the chips to the machine chip tray. The guard pivots upwards to give access to the toolpost for tool changing and is available either with or without a safety rated micro switch.

These safety guards use the same basic pivoting guard body as the Cleervue chuck guards and the size of Model SL guard would normally be selected as if the guard is being selected as a chuck guard. In other words, if the lathe has a 300mm diameter chuck, the correct and proportional travelling guard would be a Model SL12 and the actual polycarbonate screen would be the same size as the Cleervue Model L12 Chuck Guard.

An “E” is added to the Model Number to designate that a micro switch is fitted, eg, SL12E.

Refer to Lathe Chuck Guard listing for guard dimensions.


Cleervue SL12 Travelling Safety Guard



To suit lathe with max chuck diameter of approximately

Max distance rear mounting column to inside of vertical face of screen

Max distance top surface of cross slide to under horizontal (top) face of screen









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