SafeInd Small Lathe Leadscrew & Feedshaft Roller Covers

These are designed for small metalworking lathes with a swing of up to approximately 325mm diameter and a between centres length of up to 1000mm.   The nylon mesh and neoprene fabric extends across the face of the lathe Leadscrew and feedshaft thus preventing entanglement of operator clothing in the rotating shafts. They are supplied as a pair, one for each side of the saddle, one side rolls up, the other extends as the saddle travels.  The winding mechanism is contained within a stainless steel enclosure. They are suitable for small lathes typically found in school technology studies workshops.   Because all machines are different, no mounting brackets are supplied so design and manufacture of simple mounting brackets is the responsibility of the purchaser.


SafeInd Leadscrew/Feedshaft Roller Covers



Width of band

Maximum SaddleTravel

Dimensions of stainless steel enclosure

MAT 01



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