Lathe Guards

CPR SafeInd has the ability to provide practical guarding solutions for lathes through our wide range of chuck guards, traversing guards and leadscrew/feedshaft roller covers. If one of our standard products doesn’t suit your lathe we can also modify existing guarding products to suit or custom design and build lathe guarding to meet your specific requirements.


Lathe Chuck Guards xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Lathe Travelling Style Guards for Saddle/Cross/Toolpost Assembly

• Lathe travelling style guards for the saddle / cross slide/ toolpost assembly

Leadscrew/Feedshaft Roller Covers

Leadscrew and Feedshaft Roller Covers

Tecno Safety Treadle Foot Switch xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

SafeInd Category 4 Control Box 

SafeInd Category 4 Box Closed

 DC Injection Emergency Braking System for Lathes

Emergency Braking System for Lathes

SafeInd E-Stop Post xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lathe E-Stop Post

SafeInd Custom Spindle End Covers for Lathes