Cleervue Leadscrew & Feedshaft Roller Covers

Cleervue Roller covers are available in sizes ranging from 150mm to 600mm wide in steps of 50mm and in lengths to suit customer requirements up to 2.6M of travel.   They are designed to prevent entanglement of the operators clothing in the rotating Feedshaft and Leadscrew on a lathe but can be used for other applications.

Normally supplied as a pair, one for each side of the saddle, one side rolls up, the other extends as the saddle travels.   The roll out cover is manufactured from nylon mesh reinforced neoprene designed to be resistant to hot swarf (turning chips).

Cleervue roller covers are supplied with the spring loaded winding mechanism contained in a sheet metal enclosure with threaded inserts suitable for attaching mounting brackets.

Because all machines are different, no mounting brackets are supplied so design and manufacture of simple mounting brackets is the responsibility of the purchaser.


Cleervue Leadscrew/Feedshaft Roller Cover



Width of band (height when installed) minimum – maximum

Maximum SaddleTravel (Draw out length)

Cleervue Model 70006

150mm – 600mm




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