SafeInd Custom Machine Safety Guarding

For over 20 years, CPR SafeInd has been designing and building Custom Guarding for all kinds of industrial machinery. We have guarded printing presses, packaging machinery, foundry machinery, machinery in wineries, dairy industry, fruit juice industries as well as hydraulic test equipment, vehicle ferries that cross the Murray River and a vast number of different metal and wood working machines. With our wide experience in many industries we can generally satisfy customers needs for Australian and NZ Standard compliant safety guarding for industrial machinery that is easy to use and organised for convenient service requirements, all at a surprisingly modest cost. While we no longer build special purpose machinery, our team have built production machinery for some of Australia’s largest and most demanding manufacturing companies and this same knowledge is available to help make your own machinery safe.

As well as fully compliant CPR SafeInd built Custom Guarding, we can also use a combination of standard generic safety guards and custom guarding and on other occasions we modify or adapt standard guarding for the customers specific requirements.

If you have any queries in relation to SafeInd Custom Safety Guarding please contact us.

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