Horizon International Dust & Fume Extraction

CPR SafeInd is the Australian agent for Horizon International’s dust and fume extraction equipment. Please see below for the details of some of their popular products.

SMOG-EATER SE1.5M Small Fume Extraction & Filtering Unit

Designed to serve as a single extraction point fume extractor, the Horizon SMOG-EATER Model SE1.5M can be connected to a single Mini-Rambler Arm (articulated tube) as illustrated in the photograph below. The Mini-Rambler Arm is available with a 1.0m radius or 1.5m radius.   This unit is ideal for such applications as solder fume extraction.

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SMOG-EATER MODELS SE.6 & SE.6.M Electrostatic & mechanical filter extraction / filter units

The Model SE.6 SMOG-EATER is the smallest electrostatic air filter in the Horizon range.  The Model SE.6.M is a similar sized unit with mechanical filters. Both units are provided with either brackets for wall mounting or can be provided on legs for floor standing.  The SE.6 SMOG-EATER is ideally suited for linking together up to four/five Mini Rambler extraction arms and used for extracting such fumes as welding or soldering fumes.  The Model SE.6.M is fitted with a cartridge filter as well as suitable pre – filters suitable for extracting air laden with sawdust or other similar solids laden air. Units are available for either 240 volts single phase or 415 volts three phase supply.


SE.6 SE.6.M
Nominal Air Flow 1000m3/hr 1000m3/hr
Dimensions 485x480x750mm H 485x480x860mm H
Weight 60Kg 58Kg


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SMOG-MOBILE™ Portable Fume Extraction Unit

The SMOG-MOBILE is built for rigorous industrial use, capturing and filtering pollution “at source”.. SMOG-MOBILE fume extraction units are easily wheeled to any factory location where fume extraction is needed. Units are available with electrostatic filtration elements or mechanical filtration elements. The advantage with electrostatic filters is that the filter elements are manufactured throughout of aluminium and require periodic cleaning only, not replacement i.e. no on-going filter cartridge replacement costs.

The SMOG RAMBLER arm/hood assemblies, either one or two arm can be fitted, and are completely flexible, self-supporting and easily positioned. 2m, 3m and 4m lengths are available. Units can be built for any electrical voltage. Nominal airflow – 1700 m3/hr Motor rating – 0.75kw Overall dimensions – 780 x 770 x 780mm high Weight – 96Kg Optional final activated carbon gas/odour filters available for all models. Optional low voltage spotlight for the hood.

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Horizon Smog Mobile

PANDA™ Mobile Fume Extraction Unit

The PANDA is designed for ease of mobility and is easily wheeled to any factory location where fume extraction is needed. The articulated arm is self-supporting and quickly positioned at the source of fume emission.

There is a choice of filter cartridges, the standard cartridge has a filtration efficiency of 99.9% with particle sizes ranging from 0.2 to 2.0 microns. The micro filter cartridge has an efficiency of 99.985% at 0.3 microns. The media area of both cartridges is 14.0m2. The unit can be provided with a 2m arm or 3m arm.

There is also a choice of hood shape i.e. standard flared hood, fish-tail hood or high velocity hood. Units are available for any electrical voltage. The motor capacity is 0.75kw. Optional low voltage spotlight for the hood. Optional extra activated carbon gas filter for odour reduction.

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Horizon Panda Mobile Fume Extraction



Downdraft filter tables for a wide variety of industries and uses.   Some examples are to extract toxic chemicals while performing maintenance on such items as chemical factory pumps, used for grinding steel castings in foundries, used for capturing polishing dust , used for capturing fumes and dust from animal specimens while being examined or used for capturing paint and steel grinding dust in a maintenance workshop

The all in one combined workbench with built-in dust and fume extraction at source. The compact design utilises minimum floor space, whilst providing for personnel a sturdy workbench to suit customers requirements.  Extras include, integral work area light, built in rear dust and fume extraction, and a choice of bench width, depth and height. Can be constructed for the user to either stand or sit at the FILTO-BENCH when working. There are no installation costs, simply place in the desired location, wire in to the nearest electrical power source, and go to work! The FILTO-BENCH is offered as a static unit or mobile and there is a choice of size.  Many customer requested extras are available such as power sockets built-in, turntable. There is also a wide choice of filters either electrostatic, mechanical, or a combination of both to suit the application.

Advantages include: No exterior exhaust required,  minimal maintenance, long life, high filtration efficiency at source and built to a high standard, for long vigorous industrial use.

• Standard range of sizes as well as custom sizes
• Built-in extraction/filtration, recirculates clean-air back to the workspace
• Static, or mobile units available
• Available for all electrical supplies
• Anti-spark arrestors included when applicable
• Custom built units available to any size, shape or handing – choice of filters
• Flameproof construction available
• Down draught principle i.e. dust and fumes pulled away from the operator, complying with COSHH regulations
• The FILTO-BENCH is also available with a duct spigot outlet, for connection to a free standing separate fan, and free standing separate filter assembly with automatic cleaning where required, alternatively exhaust filtered air to atmosphere.

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Horizon Filto Bench Type ED

Horizon Filto Bench Type ED

Horizon Filto Bench Type HD

Horizon Filto Bench Type HD

Horizon Filto Bench Type CD

Horizon Filto Bench Type CD